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Application properties

Anivet2 already in its basic offer includes a range of features needed for integrated management of the veterinary clinic, and if necessary, can be expanded with additional modules. In particular, the basic version of Anivet2 solution provides a fully integrated record keeping for patients, outpatient logs, all mandatory command measures and records,  employee records and a digital booklet documents, warehouses, point of sales module, data analytics, mobile system for field work, an integrated e-prescription system connected with veterinary pharmacy, digital collection of documents and more.

Additional modules include veterinary pharmacy, farm module for keeping records and command measures for farm animals, application also includes a module for specialist examinations that include neurological, dental, ophthalmic, dermatological and blood and urine examinations.



  • Anivet2 is offered in a Software as a Service model, which means that instead of a license you pay for activation and monthly amount of rental service

  • The system is designed modularly, allowing its further development and expandability

  • Anivet2 as a web application can be used on any computer (operating system is irrelevant)

  • Supports work through mobile devices such as laptops, netbooks and tablets

  • Popularity of Anivet2 application among veterinarians lies entirely in solutions which significantly facilitate their work, increasing efficiency, structure of business processes, and reduce time spent on administrative tasks

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More time for your patients

and less time on administration

Anivet2 uses cloud technology

Basic Package

    • Managing data about animal ID’s, pet passport IDs, race, owner, vaccination history
    • Managing patient medical records with review and therapy, laboratory tests and findings, automated diagnosis input (from the codebooks), listing of drugs
    • Printing of mandatory records and documents such as prescription books, compulsory vaccinations, prescription form, documentation of sending diagnostic material to the laboratory tests, etc …
    • Point of Sale module
    • Customer support, Daily backup of data, Help-desk, Software upgrades

Expanded Packages

    • Book of transactions
    • Books on procurement and use of materials
    • Daily turnover
    • Managing warehouses (central and branch)
    • Receipts and outgoing invoices
    • Input and output purchase orders
    • Transfer note, promissory notes, inventory
    • POS module
    • Dental records, neurological examination, blood and urine, dermatological examination, ophthalmologic

Premium package

      • Ordered measures for hoofed animals, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry, dogs and other animals
      • Obligatory diagnostic tests
      • Equidae – infectious anemia
      • Cattle – tuberculin, brucellosis, enzootic leucosis
      • Sheep, goats, pigs – brucellosis
      • Pigs – trichinosis
      • Poultry – New Castle disease
      • Reproduction cattle – cattle reproductive health card


Account rental service

    • 50€ One user account
    • Discounts for multiple rented accounts (3 accounts a discount of 10%, 5 accounts discount of 20%, 10 accounts discount of 30%, 20 accounts discount of 40%)

Offline Application

    • 50€ Monthly support fee
    • The application intended for field work
    • It is not necessary to be connected to the internet for application to work
    • It is possible to do inspections and issue invoices
    • Data synchronization with Anivet2 application



We have been developing software for a number of industry verticals for 25 years. We have acquired our experience in the development and implementation of solutions in almost all business branches. More than 600 employees in 5 countries of the region make IN2 Group one of the leaders of software industry in the region. In addition, we have retained an informal atmosphere, creating an extremely pleasant work environment. IN2 Group is part of the CSI Group since 2018 (Constellation Software Inc.). CSI was founded in 1995, operates in over 100 countries around the world, has 125.000 clients and operates in more than 100 different public and private sector verticals.

IN2 Group is a Platinum Oracle Partner, Microsoft Partner with four Silver and three Gold competencies, and Magento Commerce Solution Partner. We have been renewing ourISO_9001 quality management system regularly since 2003 and we have held the ISO_27001 security management system certificate for more than five years. In 2017, a system of environmental management according to ISO_14001 norms as well as the health and safety management system according to OHSAS_18001_2007 standards.

The Croatian IT market recognises us by development projects that include complex and long-term solutions, set high standards of execution, and which make a great amount of resources available. We have been continually investing into the implementation of new technologies, offering a rich portfolio of solutions adapted to the needs and requirements of users.


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